Forbidden Lego by Ulrik Pilegaard

Forbidden Lego
TitleForbidden Lego
AuthorUlrik Pilegaard
Number of page192 pages
Publication date07 Aug 2007
Publisher No Starch Press,US
Genres Engineering General, Industrial Chemistry Manufacturing Technologies, Programming Scripting Languages General, Hobby Gaming Books, Crafts Hobbies, Toys Making Decorating,

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It just may be impossible to exhaust the creative potential of LEGO(R) bricks. With an active imagination as your guide, there are endless possibilities----provided you follow the LEGO Company's official (and sensible) rules. This means no cutting or tampering with bricks, creating models that shoot unapproved projectiles, or using non-standard parts with any LEGO product. After all, those little precision-molded ABS bricks can be dangerous on the wrong hands! Well, toss those rules out the window. Forbidden LEGO introduces you to the type of free-style building that LEGO's master builders do for fun in the back room. Using LEGO bricks in combination with common household materials (from rubber bands and glue to plastic spoons and ping-pong balls) along with some very unorthodox building techniques, you'll learn to create working models that LEGO would never endorse. Try your hand at a toy gun that shoots LEGO plates, a candy catapult, a high voltage LEGO vehicle, a continuous-fire ping-pong ball launcher, and other useless but incredibly fun inventions. Once you get into the spirit, you'll want to try inventing your own rule-breaking models. Forbidden Lego's authors share tips and tricks that will inspire you and help you turn your visions into reality. Nothing's against the rules in this book!

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