Making Simple Automata by Roberto Race

Making Simple Automata
TitleMaking Simple Automata
AuthorRoberto Race
Number of page96 pages
Publication date01 Oct 2014
Publisher The Crowood Press Ltd
Genres Technology General Issues, Industrial Chemistry Manufacturing Technologies, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Antiques Collectables Toys Games Models, Toys Making Decorating,

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Designing and making successful automata involves combining materials, mechanisms and magic. Making Simple Automata book explains how to design and construct small scale, simple mechanical devices made for fun. Materials such as paper and card, wood, wire, tinplate and plastics are covered along with mechanisms - levers and linkages, cranks and cams, wheels, gears, pulleys, springs, ratchets and pawls. This wonderful book is illustrated with examples throughout and explains the six golden rules for making automata alongside detailed step-by-step projects.

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