Cartoon Guide To Genetics by Larry Gonick

Cartoon Guide To Genetics
TitleCartoon Guide To Genetics
AuthorLarry Gonick
Number of page224 pages
Publication date11 Jul 2011
Publisher HarperCollins Publishers Inc
Genres Graphic Novels History Criticism, Study Learning Skills General, Study Learning Skills General, Science General Issues, Popular Science, Genetics non medical, Biotechnology,

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Have you ever asked yourself: Are spliced genes the same as mended Levis? Watson and Crick? Aren't they a team of British detectives? Plant sex? Can they do that? Is Genetic Mutation the name of one of those heavy metal bands? Asparagine? Which of the four food groups is that in? Then you need The Cartoon Guide to Genetics to explain the important concepts of classical and modern genetics-it's not only educational, it's funny too!

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