Gaia A New Look At Life On Earth by James Lovelock

Gaia A New Look At Life On Earth
TitleGaia A New Look At Life On Earth
AuthorJames Lovelock
Number of page176 pages
Publication date01 Jul 2016
Publisher Oxford University Press
Genres Popular Science, Biology Life Sciences, Ecological Science Biosphere, Applied Ecology, Sustainability, Environmental Science Engineering Technology,

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In this classic work that continues to inspire many readers, Jim Lovelock puts forward his idea that the Earth functions as a single organism. Written for non-scientists, Gaia is a journey through time and space in search of evidence in support of a radically different model of our planet. In contrast to conventional belief that life is passive in the face of threats to its existence, the book explores the hypothesis that the Earth's living matter influences
air, ocean, and rock to form a complex, self-regulating system that has the capacity to keep the Earth a fit place for life.

Since Gaia was first published, Jim Lovelock's hypothesis has become a hotly debated topic in scientific circles. In a new Preface to this edition, he outlines his view of the present state of the debate.

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