Gears And Gear Cutting by Ivan R. Law

Gears And Gear Cutting
TitleGears And Gear Cutting
AuthorIvan R. Law
Number of page136 pages
Publication date10 Jan 1998
Publisher Special Interest Model Books
Genres Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Technology Trades, Automotive motor Mechanic Skills,

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Gears in one form or another are a part of most mechanisms, but they are by no means as simple as they may appear. This book explains simply, clearly and comprehensively the underlying theory involved and, in its second part, how to cut gears on a lathe or milling machine. Explanations and reasons for all conventional types of gears are clearly set out in this book together with useful tables and machinery techniques to form an invaluable reference work for anyone dealing with machinery. It covers all the questions raised by enthusiasts who have watched the author demonstrating gear-cutting techniques at exhibitions throughout Britain, where his advice on engineering matters has been constantly sought.

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