Tool And Cutter Sharpening by Harold Hall

Tool And Cutter Sharpening
TitleTool And Cutter Sharpening
AuthorHarold Hall
Number of page133 pages
Publication date30 Jan 2007
Publisher Special Interest Model Books
Genres Industrial Chemistry Manufacturing Technologies, Engineering Skills Trades, DIY General, DIY Carpentry Woodworking,

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Sharpening workshop tools is probably the most diverse of all workshop activities and the one that is least understood by the majority of workshop owners. This is not unreasonable in view of the wide range of equipment suggested for the task, ranging from the complex, typically an industrial tool and cutter grinder, through to the humble off hand grinder. This book illustrates how most sharpening tasks can be carried out using an off hand grinder and a few simply made accessories, whilst doing this to a standard comparable to that achieved using much more sophisticated equipment. A lack of understanding of the processes almost certainly results in the workshop owner attempting tasks with far from perfect cutting tools that can diminish the satisfaction of a job well done. With the information in this book this situation can be avoided and working with blunt tooling should be a thing of the past.

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