Metalworker 039 S Data Book by Harold Hall

Metalworker 039 S Data Book
TitleMetalworker 039 S Data Book
AuthorHarold Hall
Number of page128 pages
Publication date01 Dec 2009
Publisher Special Interest Model Books
Genres Industrial Chemistry Manufacturing Technologies, Crafts Hobbies, Decorative Wood Metalwork, DIY General,

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This book contains a comprehensive range of data, which is required in the metalworking workshop and by those designing a wide range of engineered items, tools and machines. It provides, in a single concise volume, data that is only otherwise available by reference to many different sources or more expensive publications. For those involved in restoration work, the book also includes details of items not now used, and for which data is not easy to locate. Harold Hall was, for a number of years, the editor of Model Engineers' Workshop magazine and is the author of four previous books in this indispensable series.

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