The Complete Modern Blacksmith by Alexander Weygers

The Complete Modern Blacksmith
TitleThe Complete Modern Blacksmith
AuthorAlexander Weygers
Number of page288 pages
Publication date03 Apr 1997
Publisher Random House USA Inc
Genres Rural Communities, Industrial Chemistry Manufacturing Technologies, Other Manufacturing Technologies, Other Technologies Applied Sciences, Animal Husbandry, Decorative Wood Metalwork,

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Teach yourself the lost arts of blacksmithing, tool design, and tool repair.

Design, forge, and fix your own tools, hardware, and household accessories with master craftsman and teacher Alexander G. Weygers. The Complete Modern Blacksmith contains clear, step-by-step instructions and hundreds of the author's own detailed drawings, bringing scores of time-honored techniques to modern artisans - experienced craftsmen and beginners alike. This unique resource brings together three popular but long-out-of-print classics: - The Modern Blacksmith, which covers everything from developing the correct hammer and body motions for forging and creating tools such as pliers, shovels, and hinges.
- The Recycling, Use, and Repair of Tools, which stresses the reuse of old materials, featuring easy-to-follow processes.
- The Making of Tools, which explores how to design, sharpen, and temper whichever tool you need, using only basic shop equipment and scrap steel.

A truly invaluable resource, The Complete Modern Blacksmith is an essential volume in any craftman's library.

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